Self-Management Programs

Self-Management Programs for Healthier Living

The Blueprint for Health offers learning opportunities that help individuals better manage their own health. These workshops address a range of conditions and topics, including Diabetes and Diabetes Prevention, Chronic Pain, Tobacco Cessation, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, and any type of Chronic Disease.

Convenient Wellness Classes Across Vermont

Self-management programs statewide are managed by Community Health Improvement at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Workshops are offered in all areas of the state, on days and times that suit a range of schedules. To learn more about each workshop, and find upcoming workshop dates and locations, visit:

Self-Management is Proven to Improve Health, Reduce Health Care Costs

Each program is evidence-based. Some are modeled on the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs, programs whose completers experience improved health and wellbeing including fewer days in the hospital.

The Y Diabetes Prevention Program helps people at-risk for Diabetes improve or maintain their health while reducing Medicare spending. The study showed savings of about $2,650 per participant over 15 months. Based on these results, the federal government added the Y Diabetes Prevention Program to Medicare – making it the first preventative service model expanded into the Medicare program under the Affordable Care Act.