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Blueprint Network

Newly designed health system and human service interventions need a route from idea to implementation. In Vermont, the Blueprint Transformation Network staff are that path.  

Blueprint Network Key to Program Effectiveness

In national evaluations of the effectiveness of medical home initiatives, the Blueprint was shown to reduce the cost of medical care for patients of Blueprint practices. Not every medical home initiative was able to demonstrate that same success. The most notable difference in the Blueprint’s approach was the funding of staff dedicated exclusively to this work, supporting practices and communities in transforming their approach to health care delivery.

Program Managers, Practice Facilitators, Community Health Team Leaders

Each Health Service area in the state has a Blueprint Administrative Entity – usually, but not always, a hospital. Each Administrative Entity manages the Blueprint grant for their Health Service Area, including hiring the Program Manager, Practice Facilitator(s), and Community Health Team Leader. These are the staff that make up the Blueprint’s Network.

Relationships in Communities and Across the State

Blueprint Program Managers, Practice Facilitators, and Community Health Team Leaders are expected to develop excellent working relationships with a wide range of state and local partners:

  • Their area Community Collaborative
  • The local Blueprint Patient Centered Medical Homes, Hubs and Spokes, and Pregnancy Intention practices participating in the Pregnancy Intention Initiatives
  • Local partners and champions, ranging from hospital CEOs to food shelf volunteers
  • Their statewide peer learning community (other Project Managers, Practice Facilitators, and Community Health Team Leaders, plus ACO field staff)
  • The Blueprint leadership and staff

With this range of relationships, Blueprint Network Staff are uniquely positioned to translate state priorities into local action. Or they can access state resources and use them to serve community needs. In both cases the Blueprint Network staff link state and community while keeping health and human service reform moving nimbly in response to the latest needs and newest opportunities.