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Price Variation Reports

Health Care Price Variation Reports

The Blueprint for Health was asked to develop a small study of the variation in price of hospital procedures. Working with Onpoint Health Data, the team examined the costs for 10 common inpatient surgical, outpatient surgical, and outpatient procedures, performed in hospitals in Vermont and neighboring states. A summary PowerPoint of the findings is available here. Accompanying the summary is a document providing a full description of the methodology Onpoint used to produce the report. Each Vermont hospital has received a copy of their results and the methods document for review prior to this posting. The Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems has also reviewed the summary and methods and offered context in the letter posted below.

2017 Price Transparency Report - Phase I - Commercial

2017 Price Transparency Reporting Supporting Documentation

Letter of Response by the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS)

Reports to the Green Mountain Care Board on Vermont Health Care Price Variation

2013 Vermont Health Systems Payment Variation Report by the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems - Network Services Organization (VAHHS-NSO)

2014 Price Variation Analysis report by UVM, U. Mass, and the Wakely Consulting Group:

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