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Blueprint Welcomes Dr. Monique Thompson, Specialty QI Facilitator

The Blueprint for Health is pleased to welcome Dr. Monique Thompson, NMD, CPHQ to the role of Specialty Quality Improvement Facilitator.

Monique’s years of experience in public and private healthcare has afforded her the opportunity to work, collaborate, strategize and partner with numerous national, regional, and international healthcare service providers.

Serving as the Manager of Healthcare Quality & Wellness Development for the national Universal Health Coverage (UHC) program in The Bahamas, and subsequently becoming a Certified Professional of Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), Monique developed & demonstrated an excellent knowledge of quality assessment, functioned in operational roles in management and leadership, as well as executed training for strategic and educational tasks in standards and patient safety for leading medical and healthcare professionals nationally and internationally.

Organizing and managing simultaneous programs and projects, designing measurable objectives, and being results-oriented have been essential career activities in successfully progressing and improving healthcare in a fractured national health system.  She worked closely with PAHO/WHO, to successfully design and implement an effective quality program for UHC in The Bahamas with a focus on people-centered care. An integral aspect of the project was the development, enhancement and implementation of regionally and internationally acceptable standards for numerous healthcare facility types including primary care practices, point-of-care testing sites, laboratories, and diagnostic imaging facilities which ensured the delivery of safe, quality services. 

As the Clinical Lead for the implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the UHC program, Monique also established the Primary Care Information Project (PCIP) which leveraged data from the EHR to understand the health of the population and ultimately improve health outcomes in a country plagued with non-communicable diseases.

Having served in her private clinical practice, coupled with working with under-served females and neglected youth in communities, Monique is passionate about and committed to the betterment of humankind. She has also worked as a community health educator, presenter, adjunct professor, and columnist.

Her life’s motto is “That others may live and live well.” This motto, along with integrity, love, and respect, are all reflected in the work she performs regardless of the area or field.

She excitedly brings this extensive work and volunteering experience in healthcare to the Blueprint for Health.

Monique will be working closely with the Blueprint for Health Quality Improvement facilitators with a specific focus on Community Health Team Expansion Pilot. In this new role, her work will be primarily focused on 1. Developing Blueprint specific tools and resources for use by facilitators and practices engaged in CHT Expansion, 2. Working directly with practices who will engage provider coaching and/or academic detailing interventions, 3. Coordinating expansion pilot learning collaboratives, and 4. Supporting quality improvement efforts that bridge PCMHs, hospitals, specialty mental health and substance use providers, and community service organizations.