Hub & Spoke Evaluation

23 January 2018

A new evaluation of Hub & Spoke shows signficant impact on opioid use disorder, with study participants in treatment reporting dramatic decrease in drug use. The complete evaluation is here and a summary is here. The full January 22, 2018 Press Release from the Vermont Department of Health is available here. The evaluation combined quantitative and qualitative methods, and found signicant positive impacts for people in the study group in Medication Assisted Treatment, including less frequent opioid use, an elimination of overdoses, fewer ED visits, fewer police stops and arrests and less illegal activity. People in the study group in treatment also reported overall improved wellbeing, with less family conflict, fewer feelings of depression, anger, and axiety, and improved satisfaction with their lives.

“The shame goes away. I don’t have to lie to my family and whatnot. Then, everything falls into place after that. There’s no deceit, secrets, hiding. You’re not spending – I have insurance, thankfully, because otherwise it just wouldn’t be possible.” – Study Participant

“I’m a lot healthier. I have money. Everything’s changed, relationships, work – everything for the positive. There hasn’t been one negative thing from the (buprenorphine) on my life since beginning on the program. As far as lifestyle changes, they’ve all been positive.”– Study Participant

“A lot better, my life has gotten a whole lot better. I’ve been able to hold down a job. I’m a better mother. I’m just aware of everything now. I’m not doped up. I’ve been able to save money. It’s just a whole lot different, and better.” – Study Participant