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Support and Services at Home

SASH Supports Healthy Aging-in-Place

The Blueprint works with Cathedral Square to administer Support and Services at Home (SASH). SASH connects local health and long-term care systems for Medicare beneficiaries in subsidized housing and in residences in the community at large. Cathedral Square is the statewide administrator for SASH, responsible for training and model fidelity, while 6 Designated Regional Housing Organizations serve local participants. Partners include Home Health Agencies, Area Agencies on Aging, and Designated (mental health) Agencies.

Proven Interventions Support Good Health and Reduce Costs

SASH’s unique approach is organized around “panels” of 100 participants, each served by a SASH Coordinator and a Wellness Nurse plus local partner agencies. Together, they focus on 3 areas of intervention proven to be effective in reducing Medicare expenditures:

  • Transition support after a hospital or rehabilitation facility stay
  • Self-management education and coaching for chronic conditions and health maintenance
  • Care coordination

National Evaluation Demonstrations Cost Savings

External evaluation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have shown that the SASH model reduces costs for participating Medicare beneficiaries. Access the reports here.

Learn More about SASH

The SASH website, at offers lots more information about the program and how its staff and partners help Vermont seniors live healthy, safe lives at home.